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2016 Messages

Wed Nov 16, 2016
(19 min / 11 mb)
by Jason

Our God is greater than any sin that we may be struggling with. He is able, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to give us victory as we believe His word and humble ourselves.

Sun Sep 18, 2016
(31 min / 18 mb)
by Darren

Jesus was free to go into the homes of the Pharisees.  We see the attitudes and motives of their hearts exposed by Him and how He dealt with their concealed sin.

Sun Aug 14, 2016
(21 min / 11 mb)
by Jason

Faith is the opposite of fear. Let us look to Jesus and His word and trust Him at all times.

Sun May 22, 2016
(24 min / 15 mb)
by Darren

All who are willing to listen to Jesus and forsake their life in this world will find a greater revelation of Him.

Sun May 01, 2016
(14 min / 8 mb)
by Andrew

The Father sent the Son to save us, not to condemn us!

Sun May 01, 2016
(12 min / 7 mb)
by Darren

God chose the weak and the abase things of this world. He is able to redeem anyone who looks to Him.

Sun Apr 24, 2016
(20 min / 11 mb)
by Darren

We must learn and understand the way of our Savior, Jesus. For He is the way, the truthm and the life.

Wed Mar 16, 2016
(14 min / 8 mb)

Sun Feb 28, 2016
by Darren

Timothy was convinced of the truth and power of God's word early in his life when he saw it demonstrated in his own mother.  Being taught in the scriptures from a child Paul reminds Timothy to remember that it is the word of God that is able to give wisdom leading to salvation through faith in Jesus.  In our struggles with man let's remember that Gods ways are higher than ours and that His word timely spoken can accomplish much more than our own efforts.

Sun Jan 24, 2016
(10 min / 6 mb)