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This free worship music CD is by brothers from the fellowship. You are welcome to make additional copies of these songs for free distribution to others. You may also use these songs at your places of fellowship. All other forms of distribution and reproduction are prohibited. May God bless you and His word as you listen with an honest and humble heart. © 2017 – Christ Our Life Christian Ministries

1. Come Unto To Me

Come Unto Me
Matt 11:28-30; 2 Pet 1:19; Jn 1: 14

Come unto Me, all you weary
I’ll give you rest
Take up My yoke, learn from Me
I have gentleness

Lamb of God
We have tasted and have seen how
Good You are
We worship You
Word of God
We beheld Your glory and we
Know You are
Full of grace and truth

Bright Morning Star, fill our hearts
Rise in us and shine
To the perfect day, guide our way
By Your power divine

© 2017 –

2. To Whom Shall I Go?

To Whom Shall I Go?
Psa 119:37; Luk 16:15; Jn 6:68-69

Turn my eyes from worthless things
And revive me in Your ways Lord
For the things that men esteem
Are detestable in Your eyes

To whom shall I go?
Your word is life
And I’ve come to know
That You are the Christ
For the lust of the world
Is passing away
But the Spirit gives life
And the flesh profits nothing

Give me eyes to see the things
That to You have not been pleasing
Jesus help me to crucify
Every selfish way and desire

© 2017 –

3. Set You Before Me

Set You Before Me

Grant me a single eye
To fear You forever, this is my desire
I know it’s for my good
And the good of my children, it’s a fountain of life

Teach me in Your way
To fear the Lord and set You before Me
I need Your power, Your grace
To demonstrate Your nature divine

Grant me a prudent heart
Foreseeing the evil and fleeing from sin
Help me to guard my mouth
And regard You as holy before every man

Wisdom is crying out
Gain understanding and the knowledge of God
Wisdom has built her house
Inviting the simple to come in and live

Wisdom is crying out
Learn to hate evil, it’s the fear of the Lord
Wisdom that’s from above
Is pure and is peaceable, willing to yield

© 2017 –

4. I’ll Bless Your Name

I’ll Bless Your Name
Psa 34:1-8

O magnify, the Lord on high
My soul shall boast in the Lord
And the humble shall hear and be glad

I’ll bless Your name, at all times
And Your praise shall be in my mouth
This poor man cried, You heard on high
And You saved me from all my fears

O taste and see, the Lord is good
Blessed is the man who trusts
And whose refuge is in the Lord
© 2017 –

5. Lead Me To The Rock

Lead Me To The Rock

Hear my cry, O God
Attend to my prayer
From the end of the earth I will cry to You
When I’m overwhelmed

Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I
You have been a shelter for me
You are my defense I will never be moved
When I put my trust in You

In You there’s strength
Shelter under Your wings
I will dwell in Your house forevermore
I will praise You, Lord

Lead me to the Rock, lead me to the Rock
Lord You are the Rock that is higher than I
Lead me to the Rock, Jesus You’re the Rock
I’m clinging to the Rock, for You’re my life

© 2017 –

6. I Need A Savior

I Need A Saviour
Psa 119:114; 31:2; 68:5; 46:1

Jesus, my deliverer
My strength, and my hiding place
There is no stronger tower
Than Your holy name

You are mighty to save me
You’re my refuge and Rock of safety
Every day I need a Saviour
And You are mighty to save

You are my defender
Living to intercede
A present help in trouble
Watching over me

You are my firm foundation
You are my hope and shield
Lord, You are my salvation
I find rest in You

© 2017 –

7. Awaken My Ear

Awaken My Ear
Is 50:4

I set my heart to seek Your face
I turn my ear to Your understanding
I want to know Your heart O Lord
Father help me hear Your voice

Awaken my ear to hear as the learned
Morning by morning, make Your word clear
Then open my mouth to speak as the learned
A word in its season to the weary heart
Awaken my ear, awaken my ear

Wisdom I seek, and to discern
Create in me a heart that is holy
I lift my voice to understand
Father lead me by Your hand

I want to hear Your voice
And be led by the Spirit of God
I want to know Your ways
And be led in the light of Your word

© 2017 –

8. Show Yourself Pure

Show Yourself Pure
Psa 18: 25-27; 24:3-4; 36:9, Is 6:5

In Your light we see light
Let my eyes see Your glory
I judge myself and look inside
Are my hands clean before You?

Show Yourself pure to me
Show Yourself merciful
My lips are unclean
But You save the humble

Lord You give the humble grace
And their cry comes before You
The pure in heart shall see Your face
Is my heart pure before You?

With You is the fountain of life
Your holiness is my hearts desire
Your Word has enlightened my eyes
Jesus come purge me with Your refining fire

© 2017 –

9. Your Ways Are Perfect

Your Ways Are Perfect
Deut 32:4; Psa 42:7; Rom 8:28; 4:18

Jesus You’re good, faithful and true
And all things go through Your hand
I know You will work it all for my good
At times I don’t understand

Your ways they are perfect
Your ways they are high
When Your waves are crashing
And I’m asking why
You are still good in all that You do
And I give my praise to You

You light a fire, through every trial
Cleansing me deep within
Help me to see it’s Your love for me
Purging my heart from sin

Lord I trust in You
Though there’s pain I will hope against hope
I cry out to You
For Your mercy, I lift up my voice

© 2017 –

10. You Are Light To Me

You Are Light to Me

Those in darkness have seen a great light
A Saviour’s come
On the ones in the shadow of death a light has dawned

Jesus has come to bind broken hearts
Proclaiming liberty
The light of the world, has appeared to man
And this light found me

You are light to me
And Your grace has set me free
Here I stand, by the blood of the Lamb
You are light to me

I give You praise
Called from darkness conveyed to the light
O Prince of Peace
You have shattered the yoke that has burdened me

I’m saved from the power, the power of darkness
Conveyed to the Kingdom of the son of His love
I’m called out of darkness, into Your marvelous light (4x)
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord (3x)

© 2017 –

11. Nature Divine

Nature Divine

O Your power has given us
All things for life and godliness
That we might partake of Christ
And His nature divine

These, Your precious promises
The saints of old could not possess
You, reserving this for us
The Son within resides

Jesus died and rose again, exalted to Your side
Pouring out the Spirit to empower us to shine
With nature so divine

All the fullness of the Godhead
Dwelling in Christ bodily
In Him, we are now complete
And called the sons of God

Having precious promises
We cleanse our spirit and our flesh
Making perfect, holiness,
Within the fear of God

Final Chorus:
Holy Seed impart in me Your holiness divine
Through the sonship and the stripes Your holiness is mine
Your nature so divine

© 2017 –

12. Abba Father

Abba Father
Mk 14:36; Luk 22:44; Gal 4:6-7; Rom 8:15; Heb 5:7; Psa 42:7

Jesus drank the cup of wrath
He bore the fury of God for me
With drops of blood he cried Abba Father
Let Your will be done

God has sent the Spirit of Christ
To dwell in this heart of mine
No longer a slave, I am called a son
His Spirit in me cries

Abba Father help me
Abba Father rescue me
I need Your love, I need Your power
Come and save me in this hour

Jesus prayed with loud cries
To the Father who could save
And He was heard for He feared the Lord
And He was saved from death

All Your waves have covered me
Yet I hope in You my God
At the sound of Your waterfalls
Deep calls unto deep
© 2017 –

13. God Is Wonderful To Me

God Is Wonderful To Me

God is perfect, God is great
God is wonderful to me
God is powerful, God is faithful
God is wonderful to me

God is perfect, God is great
God is wonderful to me
God is powerful, God is faithful
God is wonderful to me
Yes God is wonderful to me

God is perfect, God is great
God is wonderful to me
God is powerful, God is faithful
God is wonderful to me

© 2017 –

14. Unless The Lord Builds The House

Unless The Lord Builds The House
Psa 127:1; Isa 26:1-3; Zec 4:6

Unless the Lord builds the house,
They labour in vain
Unless the Lord guards the city
The watchmen watch in vain

We have a strong city;
God has appointed salvation for walls.
Open the gates, let the righteous come in.
You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.

Not by might, nor by power,
But by My Spirit, says the Lord

© 2017 –

15. Have You Not Known

Have You Not Known
Isaiah 40:28-31

Have you not known? Have you not heard?
The everlasting God, Creator of the earth
He never faints, nor grows weary
He gives power to the weak

Though the youths shall faint
And young men shall fall
Those who wait on You
Shall renew their strength

They shall mount on wings like eagles
They shall run and not grow weary
Those who have no might, He gives strength
They shall walk and not faint

© 2017 –

16. Morning Song

Morning Song

I thank You Lord Jesus
You’re greater and You live within me
I’ll sing praise forever
For greater are You that is in me
Than he that is in the world

You’re wonderful, You fill me with joy
You are my morning song
The powers of hell, at Calvary they fell
You are the hope in my heart

You triumphed, victorious
Disarming all powers on Your cross
Erasing my charges
And raised me from death to reign with You
Shaming the enemy

You raised me from the miry clay I thank You
You fill my tongue with songs of praise I thank You
You lift me up and guide my way I thank You
The gates of hell shall not prevail I thank You

© 2017 –

17. Show Me Your Ways

Show Me Your Ways
Psa 25:4-5, 8-10, 12, 14; 16:11

Show me Your ways
Teach me Your paths
Lead me in Your truth, O Lord
On You I will wait

You are upright
Teaching sinners the way
The humble You guide in justice
The humble You teach Your ways

All Your paths O Lord are mercy and truth
And Your secret is for those who fear You

You will teach me the way I should go
You will guide me in the fear of the Lord
In Your presence, You will give me rest
You will show me the path of life
In Your presence is fullness of joy
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore

© 2017 –