Monthly Archives: April 2021

1. Abundant Life

Abundant Life

This is the day You’ve made and I will be glad
Rejoice in the Lord always, it’s a promise to be had
In Your presence there is fullness of joy
At Your right hand pleasures forevermore

Abundant life, that’s what You came to give
When we abide, our joy overflows
For the thief, he comes to steal and destroy
But You have come that we may have life and to the full

There is a new command, to love as You love
And if we’re obedient, then our joy will be full
As a man You had more joy than all men
For You loved what’s right and hated all sin

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit of Christ
The joy of the Lord is our strength in the fight
Even in sorrow we can rejoice
There is hope in our Lord, it will not disappoint

© 2021 Christ Our Life

2. Pure Devotion

Pure Devotion

The Bridegroom is coming, for a bride that is spotless
Those who have washed in the blood of Christ
And keeping themselves in the love of their Saviour
Waiting for Him, with their lamps alight

To have my lamp burn bright for You, Lord
And tune my ear for the Bridegroom’s cry
Possessing Your wisdom, with oil in my vessel
Ready for You, this is my desire

Lord Jesus, the time is short
So I bring You this vessel, fill it up with oil
Knowing You, is all that’s important
So I’ll seek Your heart, to live my life in pure devotion

You call me to come, into Your presence
And fellowship here, laying all aside
Through the veil that was torn, to the Holy of Holies
And set my sights on the Bridegroom’s eyes

© 2021 Christ Our Life

3. Times of Refreshing

Times of Refreshing

Everyone who’s thirsty, come to the water’s edge
For why spend your money, on that which is not bread
Listen to the Father, draw near to His side
He is greater than all riches, only He can satisfy

Seek the Lord while He may be found
Call upon Him while He is near
If we repent and turn to Jesus, He’ll cleanse us by His blood
He will send His presence to us, and times of refreshing will come
Times of refreshing will come

His thoughts are high and mighty, His ways are not our ways
Yet He teaches those who fear Him, those who humbly seek His face
Let the wicked cease from evil, the unrighteous man his thoughts
For the Lord will greatly pardon, when He alone is sought

As rain comes down, His word goes forth
And it shall not return to Him void
As rain comes down, His Spirit’s poured
To revive us, to heal and restore

© 2021 Christ Our Life

4. Trust the Lord at All Times

Trust The Lord At All Times

He’s the portion for my soul
And in Him I put my hope
He is good to those who wait for Him

His compassions never fail
And His love it knows no end
He is good to those who seek His face

Trust the Lord at all times
Call upon His name
Trust the Lord at all times
You won’t be put to shame

© 2021 Christ Our Life

5. Jesus I Come

Jesus I Come

When Your word cut my heart, I trembled and cried
The weight of my sin, I could not deny
With my hand to the plow, and this world left behind
I marched to the gate with this cry on my heart

Jesus I come to You
In brokenness I come, save me
There’s a longing in my heart for truth
O Jesus I come

When Jesus removed this burden of sin
Then joy filled my heart as His Spirit came in
With each passing day as I walk this pilgrim way
It keeps me on my knees, crying out for grace

I’ve been purchased by God with the blood of Christ
I’m not worthy to be bought with that price
I am not my own, I’m Your servant, here’s my life

© 2021 Christ Our Life

6. We’ll Enter In

We’ll Enter

One day we will all stand before Him
And give account of all that we’ve done
On that day He will say to the faithful
“Enter into the joy of your Lord”

For the Lord delights in the death of His servants
We will see Him rise, with healing in His wings
With arms open wide, and all heaven rejoicing
Surrounded by His love we’ll enter in

One day He will come down from heaven
Those in Christ, will meet Him in the sky
If we repent, we will be in that number
And we’ll be forever with the Lord

All fear of death has been conquered
When we walk in the fear of the Lord
And in confidence, we’ll stand before the Lamb
And abide in His presence ever more

© 2021 Christ Our Life