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This free worship music CD is by brothers from the fellowship. You are welcome to make additional copies of these songs for free distribution to others. You may also use these songs at your places of fellowship. All other forms of distribution and reproduction are prohibited. May God bless you and His word as you listen with an honest and humble heart. © 2020 – Christ Our Life Christian Ministries

1. You Are For Me

You Are For Me

You fight for me before my eyes
Carrying me, as a Father his child
A cloud by day, a fire by night
You go before me

You will complete what You began
Rescuing me to walk in Your plan
In Your love, You washed away
All my sin and shame

You are for me, not against me
Lord I trust You, I won’t be afraid
You are for me, not against me
Who can harm me? And I give You praise

When my faith is tried with fire
I know You will work all things for good
Your discipline may bring me pain
Yet it’s Your loving hand

When I am weak, and crushed inside
You see my tears, and You hear my cries
I believe that You will save
And make me more like You

© 2020 Christ Our Life

2. Jesus My Saviour

Jesus My Saviour

Jesus my Saviour and Jesus my friend
As a Shepherd You lead me to life without end
As Your sheep I must listen, to hear Your still voice
To green pasture You’ll take me, where there’s rest for my soul

When the enemy buffets, and tries to bring lies
I will stand firm in faith, and hold that shield high
As an angel of light, he will try to disguise
But I’ll study Your word, and the truth recognize

You are the way and the truth and the life
Jesus You’ve risen, O You are alive
You are seated in heaven, and in You I abide
O I thank You for laying Your life down for mine

You have clothed me in garments, You have clothed me in white
I put on the Lord Jesus, and the armour of light
I demolish all things against God lifted high
And take every thought captive to obey the Christ

When I trust the Lord Jesus, my roots will spread out
And I need not be anxious in the year of drought
Why should I worry, I cannot do the least
But through prayer and thanksgiving You will meet every need

© 2020 Christ Our Life

3. First Love

First Love

I can labour day and night
And give my life as a sacrifice
But without a first love, I’ve missed it all
A pure devotion with my life
To count all loss, that I may know Christ
O to have a first love, is worth it all

To seek You, Lord
To know Your ways
To have fellowship in the quiet place
To hear Your voice
To know Your heart
That’s what it means to choose the better part
O without a first love, I’ve missed it all

Keep me from the thorns of life
Pleasures and cares, my own desires
Let this heart be fruitful, and rest in You
I lay this vessel at Your feet
Empty and broken there’s hope for me
Jesus be my portion, my all in all

Final Chorus:
To seek You, Lord
To know Your ways
To have fellowship in the quiet place
To hear Your voice
To know Your heart
That’s what it means to choose the better part
O without a first love, I’ve missed it all
O to have a first love, is worth it all

© 2020 Christ Our Life

4. Because You Live

Because You Live

When I call You answer me
When I trust, You fight for me
When I rest I see salvation come
Even when in life there’s pain
Brokenness and suffering
All Your works, toward me are love

And I will give thanks to You Lord
For You save me to the uttermost
You live to intercede
An advocate for me
And I live because You live

Merciful and faithful Priest
You have made a way for me
To come to You, it’s only through your blood
When I’m tempted You give grace
You make a way of escape
Helping me to rise above the flood

© 2020 Christ Our Life

5. My Redeemer Lives

My Redeemer Lives

Whom have I in heaven but You?
There is none besides You I desire
Though my heart and flesh become weak
You’re my strength, the portion of my life

For I know that my Redeemer lives
All control is within His hands
Though my heart may fail and my flesh pass away
With these eyes I will behold the Lord

Lord create a clean heart in me
And let only what’s from You remain
If need be, when in trials I am grieved
Let my faith, Lord, be proved genuine

When trials seem too difficult for me
Let Your grace be my sufficiency
Of You I’ve heard by the hearing of the ear
But Your face is what I long to see

© 2020 Christ Our Life

6. Rejoice, My Soul

Rejoice, My Soul

1) There’s an hour that’s coming and now is
When the dead will hear His voice and live
Those who hear and have faith, they will rise from the grave
This I Know, rejoice, My soul

Rejoice, my soul, and all that is within me
Sing for joy, and bless His holy name
For my Lord, He is risen, and He’s coming again
Praise the Lord, rejoice, my soul

2) There’s an hour that’s coming in the end
When the dead will surely rise again
Those who do what is right will have resurrection life
This I know, rejoice, my soul

3) There’s an hour when pain and sorrows cease
When we see our Saviour face to face
Let us lift up our eyes, our redemption’s drawing nigh
This I know, rejoice, my soul

© 2020 Christ Our Life

7. Fire Of God

Fire of God

Father cleanse these filthy hands
I long for brokeness for all my sin and shame
The tears You’ve wept outnumber the sands
With every sin I know I break Your heart again

Help me to understand Your pain
When I conform to this world,
And blaspheme Your holy name
Help me to understand Your Word
If I’m a friend of this world
It’s hatred towards my God

Fire of God, burn in me,
Consume all my wickedness
So I will not love this world
So I will not be a friend of this world any longer
So I will not be a friend of this world any longer

Father break my prideful heart
I come before You humbly, so I can stand
And wash my dirty feet
I’ve wandered from Your path
And walked on unholy land

© 2006 Christ Our Life

8. I Open Up My Heart

I Open Up My Heart

I open up my heart
And draw near to You Lord
Please wash my dirty feet
Humbly I bow and pray
I call upon Your name
Lord, come deliver me

I come into Your light
My sin I will not hide for I want to be clean
When temptation comes my way
Help me to stand in faith so that I will not yield

When sin lies at my door
I know Your greater Lord
Than he that’s in the world
And I must master it
By grace I will resist
And choose this day whom I’ll serve

Father, keep me from temptation
Father, I need your grace to stand
Father, deliver me from evil
Give me a hatred for my sin

How can I keep my way
Clean and pure this day
By taking heed to Your word
I’ll hid Your word within
That I might not sin
And please the one whom I serve

© 2020 Christ Our Life

9. All My Hope Is In You

All My Hope is in You

My hope is in eternal things
Not in what is perishing
Seated on Your holy throne
You are God alone

Living not for earthly things
But giving all for heaven’s King
Taking up my cross each day
For the glory of Your Name

All my hope is in You
And my hope is from You
All my hope is in You, Jesus

You suffered for my sin and shame
Conquered death and rose again
Now You live to intercede
And save me completely

There is life in nothing else
I’ll live for You and not myself
Knowing You is endless life
You are God Most High

© 2020 Christ Our Life

10. Word Of Life

Word of Life

Holy Bridegroom from above
And You came with words of love
Clothed in splendor, and in light
You came to bring eternal life

Wonderful, beautiful, Word of life
Powerful, full of grace, Word of life

My desire, Beloved One
You gave Your life for me a ransom
Raised in glory, before the throne
You’re coming back to take me home

© 2020 Christ Our Life

11. There’s Victory

There’s Victory

No temptation will come
That can overpower me
God is faithful to the end
He will guard and save me
He will make a way of escape
So I can stand
So I can give Him the glory

There’s victory
In the name of Jesus I am free
The power that raised Him dwells in me
I’m hungry, I’m thirsty
And only You can satisfy
This longing, this yearning
For purity within my life

If He knows how to save
From the flood and from the flames
Then He knows how to save
The godly from temptations
And preserve His saints for that day
When He will come
And we will all stand before Him

© 2020 Christ Our Life